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Find Yourself A Man (Streisand Barbra)

Time has passed. Fanny has given birth to a daughter, Frances, who is now five months old, and Fanny is going back into the new Ziegfeld show. Eddie and Mrs. Strakosh suggest that Fanny's mother needs a new interest in life. Eddie and Mrs. Strakosh: Find yourself a man-- Mrs. Brice: You're demented. Eddie and Mrs. Strakosh: Find yourself a man-- Mrs. Brice: That's just what I need. Eddie: You'll see what a difference it makes ev'ry day. Mrs. Brice: Send me a letter, You'll write me a resumé Mrs. Strakosh: Just take me and Dave-- Mrs. Brice: Romeo and Juliet-- Eddie: Dave is still her slave. Mrs. Brice: Send the slave my regards! Eddie and Mrs. Strakosh: Open your heart and from out of the skies A prince on a horse will materialize. Mrs. Brice: Boy, is some lucky prince Gonna get a surprise! All: Find a man! Eddie and Mrs. Strakosh: Find yourself a man, Mrs. Strakosh: I repeat it, Rose. Mrs. Brice: Find myself a man. Eddie: You're defeated, Rose. Mrs. Brice: I'll hang a sign out, Big letters that high, Come in and sample You don't have to buy. Eddie: Hear a voice talk back. Mrs. Brice: I hear voices now. Mrs. Strakosh: Money you don't lack-- Mrs. Brice: Why, you've been countin'? Just what I need is a middle-aged sheik Whose uppers and lowers Will click when he'll speak, And life is a song 'cause he'll click and I'll creak. All: Find a man. Eddie and Mrs. Strakosh: The man that you select-- Mrs. Brice: What about him? Eddie and Mrs. Strakosh: Must treat you with respect. Mrs. Brice: That's important. Eddie: He must understand there Are rules to obey, Not toy with your morals And lead you astray. Mrs. Brice: Please, darling, let the man do things his way. Mrs. Strakosh and Eddie: Find a man-- Mrs. Brice: I'm a grandmother! Mrs. Strakosh: Find a man-- Mrs. Brice: You got somebody in mind? All: Find yourself A man.