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FOR PETE'S SAKE (Don't Let Him Down) (Streisand Barbra)

People are born to love and be happy Living a sunshine And a cloudy sky can lead to a rainbow Lookin' at life that way (Chorus) If you're lucky to find a special man You gotta love him all you can And anything he wants from you Should be the least that you can do Don't let him down Just give him love Don't let his dreams turn into dust He's only tryin' to build a wonderland for two If you're the one to share his world Just be the someone he can trust For the sake of love For the love of love For Pete's sake Don't let him down Don't let him down You can live in a castle And dream of your diamonds Thinkin' you really walk tall But livin' and dreamin' when you're alone Ain't livin' or dreamin' at all (Repeat Chorus to fade)