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You don't have to shout >From now on I'm out of the kitchen What's more I can't stand your cigarette brand And I switchin' I'm unhappy with things the way they've occurred It is time to face facts and not mince a word Certain parties with bird brains are getting the BIRD! Au revoir, Fare thee well, and good-bye And I'll tell you why A funny thing happened on my way to love I lost the young fellow I've been dreaming of He changed while I waited and hoped for his call Into someone who's no fun at all So I'll start forgetting What else can I do? And much thanks for letting me practice on you It's farewell my lovely Excuse please my dust Unravel and travel and lust No tears No hurt surprise It's with a pleasant glow I realize If I have that much love so deep true and strong All ready to hand my dear mister wrong To stew both the treasures, the joy and delight I'll give to my own mister right. So hasta lavista, factah, toodle-ooh The world will keep turning but nut around you There's someone else waiting who's more than a friend Best wishes and dishes I'll send So So long, I'm on my way And may I say If I had this much love so deep true and strong All ready to hand you my dear mister wrong Just think of the treasures the joy and delight I'll give As long as I live Day and night To my own mister right!