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HURRY, IT?S LOVELY UP HERE (Streisand Barbra)

Hey buds below ... up is where to grow Up with which below can't compare with. Hurry - it's lovely up here ... Life down a hole takes an awful toll, What with not a soul there to share with Hurry - it?s lovely up here! Wake up, bestir yourself, it's time that you disinter yourself You?ve got a spot to fill - a pot to fill And what a gift package of showers, sun and love You?ll be met above everywhere with, Fondled and sniffed by millions who drift by, Life here is rosy - if you?re a posy Hurry it's lovely here! Climb up geranium, it can?t be fun subterran-ium On the exterior, it?s cheerier RSVP peonies, pollinate the breeze, Make the queen of bees hot as brandy Come give at least a preview of Easter Come up and see the good we're giving Come up and see the grounds for living Come poke your head out, Open up and spread out, Hurry it?s lovely here!