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I'LL KNOW (Streisand Barbra)

I'LL KNOW I'll know when my love comes along I'll know then and there... [speaking] And I remember sitting in the theater with my hormones raging, and my "mellowroll" melting all over me and I, I felt this...ah...I don't know how to call it...mmm... chemistry... M.Brando Yeah, chemistry! Suddenly I'll know... Barbra Hello, gorgeous! M.Brando When my love comes along Barbra Is he something or what? M.Brando I'll know... Barbra Oh, my God! M.Brando Then and there... Barbra Here I am... M.Brando I'll know... Barbra On the aisle... M.Brando At the sight of her face... Barbra My face? Both How I care, how I care, how I care... Barbra Who wouldn't care? M.Brando And I'll stop... Barbra Don't stop! M.Brando And I'll stare Barbra Well you could stare! M.Brando And I'll know... Barbra I knew from the moment I saw you M.Brando Long before we can speak! I'll know Barbra Yes'I knew M.Brando In my heart... Barbra In my heart... M.Brando I'll know... Barbra Take me now! Both And I won't ever ask, "am I right?", "Am I wise?", "Am I smart?" M.Brando But I'll stop! Barbra Could you faint? M.Brando And I'll stare Barbra From that smile... M.Brando At that face... Barbra That face... Both In the throng! Barbra Oy! M.Brando Yes, I'll know... Barbra Yes, I'll know... M.Brando When my love... Barbra When my love... Both Comes along... Barbra [speaking]oh, I was so jealous of Jean Simmons. I mean that she got to have him fall in love with her, and she got to kiss him and everything! I fell in love with you Marlon, right then and there, at the Loew's Kings Theater, in Flatbush! Anyway, a year later, when I was fourteen, I crossed the Brooklyn Bridge to Manhattan, and saw my first Broadway Show, "The Diary of Anne Frank". I loved it but I couldn't afford to see many shows, so when I was fifteen I became an usher. And it was a great deal! You got paid four dollars and fifteen cents a show, and got to see it for free. And then, when I was twenty-one, I actually had a show of my own, "FUNNY GIRL". The composer is here tonight, Julie Styne. Hi, dear Julie! Isn't that lovely? Such a great score! I love you! And there's a song from that show that each time I sing, takes on a different meaning for me. And I've been thinking, this has been a year filled with natural disasters, and it's amazing how in times of catastrophes people do come together, forget the ir differences and help one another. But do we always need a catastrophe to remind us that we're all just...