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LULLABY FOR MYSELF (Streisand Barbra)

Self-contained and self-content No promises to keep I've got things so together That I just can't fall asleep Walked the night and drank the moon Got home at half-past four, And I knew that no-one marked my time As I unlocked my door. It's really lovely to discover That you like to be alone Not to owe your man an answer When he gets you on the phone Not to share a pair of porkchops When you crave champagne and cheese And your aim becomes to please yourself And not to aim to please Oh they sold me when they told me Two can live as cheap as one But I'm learning twice your earning Doesn't mean it's twice the fun If you spend each dime and all your time On someone else's schemes I'm not needy but I'm greedy And I live my deepest dreams Take an hour in the shower Use the water while it's hot In the tub a hand to scrub my back Is all I haven't got. Self-aware with self-esteem Is selfishness a crime? I take the day for quite a ride And I take my own sweet time Time to spare and time to share And grateful I would be If just one damn man would share the need To be alone with me.