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MARTY THE MARTIAN (Streisand Barbra)

Ah, okay! The hills are alive And it's pretty frightening The sun goes down The moon comes out The people gather 'round and we all begin to shout Ech... Mud! You better not cry You better not shout You better not pout I'm telling you why Santa Claus is dead I was sitting on a hill And I was looking at the sky And that?s when a strange Looking object caught my eye I tried to run away Burt I couldn't even stand And the great big flying saucer Came in to land then the cabin opened up And a handsome man got out And he was so good looking that I Wanted to shout He was smiling right at me I was falling for his charms And only one thing bothered me He had eleven arms Then he started in to talk The stranger from the stars He said my name is Marty And I come from Mars So I listened while he told The story of his life He said he'd come here Straight from Mars To find a wife I said Marty tell me this I said Marty tell me true How come you got eleven arms When I got only two but the martian gave a wink And he told me with a shrug We need them all to hug and hug It sounded good to me So I said I?d be his wife And fly around with him For the rest of my life He walked back up the hill We both were feeling grand yes, we both back to his flying saucer Hand in hand in hand in hand in hand... In haaaaaaaaaand!