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Opening Remarks (2006 Concert) (Streisand Barbra)

[SPEAKING] Hello everyone..hello , hello. (cheering) Thank you. Actually it?s kind of great to be performing in so many places that I?ve never been to, or haven?t visited since very early in my career like here. You see the thing is that I love being at home, staying at home, I love being in the garden and we?re building a house now, so when I was approached about touring I said, ?No? at first and then I realized that this would be a great way to raise a lot of money for the causes that I believe in, you know. And as I said in ?Hello Dolly? money, you should pardon the expression, is a little like maneuer, it doesn?t do anyone any good unless it?s spread around encouraging young things to grow. So that?s true isn?t it? And I can honestly tell you too that I?ve really been enjoying myself singing songs I?ve haven?t sung in many years, and feeling the warmth from the audiences. It?s kind of overwhelming, actually. So thank you, thank you.