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SO LONG HONEY LAMB (Streisand Barbra)

FANNY & CHORUS So long honey lamb I'll be seeing you time for us to part I'll be twinkling So long honey lamb I'll be keeping you right here in my heart Watch me winckeling Think of this as temporary Just a toedeloe Toeldeloe to you too How much will I miss you How much Very Let that see you through But in the mean time So long honey lamb we'll be close again Baby don't cry Someday we'll be nose to nose again someday bye and bye In a world that has no winter were each month is June So long honey lamb I'll be seeing you soon I certainly know I'm gonna miss the old plantation And the sound of banjo's thrumming on the summernights I certainly know I hate my common situation Because I'm on a cord and wings and I'm afraid from heights I'm certainly gonna miss the taste of watermelon And the fields I ran and the hills I hiked All I'm gonna get to meet up here is angels And to tell the truth I never met an angel my life I certainly know I didn't trew a lucky seven Though I'm hardly a complainer and a wooden carp I wonder what the hell I'm gonna do in heaven I could never plug a chicken and alone a harp When you gotta go they tell you Well you gotta go When you gotta go they tell you You gotta go So faith my child has pluses and minuses Golden dust is cleansing my sinuses Rise above if that's what you gotta do Look up I am ca ca I got news for you So long honey lamb I'll be seeing you soon Look for me in the moon I'll be seeing you soon