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Songwriting (Streisand Barbra)

?That song was written by my very good friends Alan and Marylin Bergman, and Marvin Hamlish. And?.ah? they?re real song writers you know. (laughs) Thank you. Me I dabble. My career is 46 years old not counting summer stock., and in all that time I?ve written approximately 10 songs, which averages out to be about 2.3 songs per decade. But I was 22 when I wrote my first song and music, which I thought I would sing for you tonight which is short and sweet. It?s called ?Ma Premiere Chanson? which in French means ?My First Song? . It?s in French because I was working on one of my least popular albums called, ?Je Mapelle Barbra? that just went gold after 42 years. Better late than never, right? But, it wasn?t very popular, except in France and Montreal, Vienna, Algeria, I think. Where else do they speak French. Anyway, the essence of it says with my finger on the piano on the first day of my first love with your heart in my hand I found my first song. So, I?m not a really good piano player, so excuse my imperfections. (cheers) Thank you. My glasses, my glasses. A senior moment. Oh you?re very kind.?