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Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most (Streisand Barbra)

Spring is here There's no mistaking Robins Building nest from coast to coast (***something here I forget ***) Spring can really hang you up the most College boys all writing sonnets In their tender passions they're engrossed While i'm on the shelf with last years easter bonnets Spring can really hang youp the most Love came my way, I hope it would last; We had our day, now that's all in the past! Spring came along a season of son, Full of sweet promise but something went wrong! Doctors wise prescribed a tonic Sulpher and molasses was the dose Didn'thelp a bit My condition must be chronic Spring ca really hang you up the most All alone, the party's over Old man winter was a gracious host But when you keep praying for snow to hide the clover Spring can really hang you up the most