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Thank You's and Introduction (Streisand Barbra)

?Now I think it?s time to introduce you to the boys in the band. On guitar there?s Brian Kunan and on bass Jeff Carney, both played with me on my last tour. And on drums back there, there?s Ray Marchica. Wow you guys are good, eh. And to my right is, the most exquisite pianist, that actually Diana Krall found for me, Tamir Hendleman who?s extraordinary. Thank you. The Grammy award winning producer, who did the album with Diana and me, Tommy LaPuma is here. I usually don?t like to introduce celebrities because I faint in my chair if I know somebody?s about to introduce me. But it?s such a small room you can?t hide here, so I?ll just tell you briefly that a very talented star of ?Sex and the City? , and many other movies, Sarah Jessica Parker. I still have the shoes that you sent me with the flowers. So generous thank you so much. The Academy award winning, the incredible, beautiful Nicole Kidman is here. Where are you? Almost met you in Australia, right, Australia. Ah, my friend, the brilliant designer is here Dawn Cannon is here. Here granddaughter and daughter. Where are you honey? I ?d like to thank my team Richard T. Alexander, Jay Ritsus, Peter Morse, Peter Fletcher, Columbia Records. Especially my long time manager Marty Grossman, who has been in m life since I was 19, and believed in me right from the start. His office was a phone booth on the corner of 53rd St and 60th with a roll of dimes. Yeah. My good friend, my dear friend Sis Korman is here. Sis was one of my surrogate moms. We met in acting class when I was 16. And when I was 18 I said why couldn?t we do something with them because I had to sing at a talent contest in the village and, ah, she said ?I?ve known you 2 years and you never told me you could sing.? But she said ?Sing for me? and Harvey, her husband who was a doctor, said I can?t sing if I see your face, I?m too shy. So I turned to face the wall. I used to actually have very bad conduct, and got very high marks in school. But got a ?D? in conduct because I always said the answer if I knew it and couldn?t wait to be called on , so it?s true. When I turned back, I had tears in my eyes and they went with me to this talent contest. And we walked into the club and Sis and I were the only women there. We didn?t know it was a gay club. Isn?t that funny? We just wanted to . Anyways I won the contest and my salary was $50 a week, and all the London Broil I could eat. They make great London Broil. So I?ve been singing for my supper ever since. Now what a journey this next extraordinary woman ahs had. She?s devoted herself to so many non-profit organizations. She?s especially concerned about education and children. She is the first woman to move from becoming our First Lady to United States Senator to Secretary of State, and as far as I?m concerned, there is only one more first for this woman. And we all know what that is. Hilary Clinton! Now as for her husband, we all know how well he took care of us during his presidency. Eight years of prosperity, respect around the world. But we know about his intellectual curiosity and his ability, his extraordinary brain. But watching him this week at the Clinton Global Initiative reminds me of something truly rare in human beings. That his souls connects to the least fortunate among us. And he is most comfortable with them as he is with the most powerful leaders of the world. Ladies and gentlemen, the 42nd , love that number, President of the United States, Bill Clinton. William Jefferson Clinton. You?re so very funny. David Letterman, Jon Stewart, you?re funny. And also who is here tonight, their daughter who is smart and very lovely daughter Chelsea, and her beau, Mark. Hi. I feel Virginia?s here tonight, his mom. ?