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Without Your Love (Streisand Barbra)

I look around and I can't speak I am in silence and my world is hollow Pretending to be living there And maybe there was something Between us I cannot see beyond your face What I am searching for is someone's shadow And in the forest of the night Am I unwise to let the story end? I would not hurt you, I could never I would not be alive today Without your love along the way You try one dive You pull out You should understand You're shooting from the heart when you're dreaming For one moment there is someone loving me And no one else can change that place and time You go through the motion But all your emotion is gone You made me yours, I made you mine And if I make this promise, I deliver Beneath it all I know That looking back, I lived on your laughter And there were diamonds in the dust And there were moments we could never follow And in the morning rain I always told you at the closing of the day I will not leave you, I would never Your dark becomes my light I will not take one step without you, ever I would not be alive today Without your love... Without your love along the way