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Freaks In Love (Elton John)

Music by Elton John Lyrics by Bernie Taupin Me and you we're not that pretty Me and you could use a lift I'm out here on the corner crying I got ribbons but I got no gift Me and you we're all we've got Me and you could be our curse We've got bleeding hearts and flowers You got strings but you got no purse We're just freaks in love Saints above Shine on our sweet life Happy is the union Of fools and freaks alike And fearless are the idiots Among the hawks and doves We're on the outside looking in A couple of freaks in love There's a wonder in this weakness It's so beautiful sometimes Across the universe we're lightning In the race we're a step behind Me and you we're not for everyone Me and you we're damaged goods We're antique and unacceptable And just misunderstood