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Rope Around A Fool (Elton John)

Music by Elton John Lyrics by Bernie Taupin I don't make the rules around here A tear starts at the edge It takes two hands to rip it It takes a lot more than either one of us has said But I come from indecision A place you ain't never been Living in the state of confusion On a map that runs like the veins under your skin We got Miss Communication kicking out the stool We got mass determination making up the rules But saving us is something that we can't do And it's easier sometimes to throw a rope around a fool And love is just another means by which we hang ourselves It takes two to execute One to leave with innocence and one to leave with guilt But I just see no reality Just shades drawn on remorse We've whipped this beast beyond the limit Staggered out of breath along this course It's easier to lose a rope around a fool Easier sometimes to throw a rope around a fool A ring of your indifference thrown anywhere you choose Easier sometimes to throw a rope around a fool