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Hallelujah - attempt (Cohen Leonard)

Hallelujah - L.Cohen / attempt E Cismi E Cismi This song already knows all world and you can sing it over day A H E H E A H it's very nice so sing it. I've heard it maybe hundred times Cismi A H E Gis Cismi and I've tried to play it many times and I like the most this hallelujah A Cismi A E H E haleluja, haleluja, haleluja, hale-le-le-e-lu-u-ja, This song has a special gift and it's a sound into heaven lift it's very nice but something I need more, and so I write a next some words which can you tell a something more when you will sing those halelujah haleluja, haleluja,, haleluja, hale-le-le-e-lu-u-ja. This song is sure more strong and if there is between us many wrong So we can use it and something improve, when we will give it our next beleives So it will sound every all and through and everybody will sing hallelujah This song is new hymn for everyone and if you belive you know there's done that all people will hear it in their longing to be with all people only in par and only live in cosmic peace on our one round and only one small globe Salam alejkum, šalom alejchem, salam alejkum, hale-le-le-e-lu-u-ja. There's in heaven one creator only and instead of how we called him one We are looking up tu him one forever and what we've ever dreamed up and what did our prophets talk to us it's only about one omnibus Lord Salam allejkum, there's only one God, šalom alejchem, hale-le-le-e-lu-u-ja, Salem allejkum, there's only one Lord, šalom alejchem, hale-le-le-e-lu-u-ja.