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I know where I´ve been (hairspray)

SONG: I Know Where I've Been ARTIST: Marc Shaiman & Scott Wittman From the musical, Hairspray Intro: G C/G Dm/G C/G G C/G G D C/D G B+ B7 There's a light in the darkness Em Cm Though the night is black as my skin G B+#9 Em G7/D F#7(#9) There's a light burning bright showing me the way B7(#5) Em C/D But I know where I've been G B+ There's a cry in the distance Em Cm Dm/C Cm It's a voice that comes from deep within G B+#9 There's a cry asking why Em G7/D C F#7(#9) I pray the answer's up ahead, B7(#5) Em 'cause I know where I've been Am7 Em There's a road we've been trav'lin' Am7 Em Lost so many on the way Bm C7 But the riches will be plenty C#dim7 A#dim7 Bsus4 B D C/D With the price, the price we had to pay G B+ B7 There's a dream in the future Em Cm Dm/C Cm There's a struggle we have yet to win G/D B7#9/D# And there's pride in my heart Em G7/D C G/B Am7 'cause I know where I'm going, yes I do C/D G And I know where I've been, yeah Am7 (There's a road) There's a road Em (We must travel) We must travel Am7 (There's a promise) There's a promise Em (We must make) We must make Bm (Cause the riches) Cause the riches C (Will be plenty) Will be plenty C#°7 (Worth the risk,) Worth the risk Bsus4 B D D# And the chances that we take G# C+ C There's a dream in the future Fm C#m D#m/C# C#m There's a struggle we have yet to win G#/D# C7(#5)/E Use that pride in our hearts Fm C# G7 To lift us up to tomorrow C7+ Fm 'cause just to sit still would be a sin Fm/D# Cm7 A#m7 (I know it, I know it, I know where I'm goin') C#/D# G# Lord knows I know where I've been C+ C# Oh, when we win C#m/E I'll give thanks to my God F#(add2) G# 'cause I know where I've been