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Someone like you 1 (Adele)

AI heard that you're A/Absettled down That you F#mifound a girl And you're Dmarried now AI heard that your A/Abdreams came true Guess she F#migave you things I didn't D give to you AOld friend why are A/Abyou so shy It ain't F#milike you to hold back Or Dhide from life Bridge 1: EI hate to turn up out of the F#miblue uninvited Dbut I couldn't stay away I couldn't fight it I'd Ehoped you'd see my face And F#mithat you'd be reminded that for Dme it isn't Dmaj7over D Chorus 1: ANever mind, I'll Efind someone like F#miyouD I wish Anothing but the Ebest for F#miyou Dtoo Don't Aforget me I Ebeg I re-F#mimember you Dsaid Sometimes it Alasts in love but Esometimes it hurts in-F#misteadD Sometimes it Alasts in love but Esometimes it hurts in-F#mistead, Dyeah Verse 2: You'd know how time flies Only yesterday was the time of our lives We were born and raised In a summer haze Bound by the surprise of our glory days Bridge 2: