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Alabama (Neil Young)

F G Emi7 F G F C F G Emi7 F G F C O-h, Alabama, the devil fools with the best laid plans. F G Emi7 Swing low Alabama F D You got the spare change, you got to feel strange E F G And now the moment is all that it meant. Ami7 R1: Alabama, you got the weight on your shoulders C D That's breaking your back. Ami7 Your cadillac has got a wheel in the ditch C D And a wheel on the track F G Emi7 F G F C Oh, Alabama, Banjos playing through the broken glass F G Emi7 Windows down in Alabama. F D See the old folks tied in white ropes E F G Hear the banjo; don't it take you down home? R1: Alabama … wheel on the track F G Emi7 F G F C Oh, Alabama, can I see you and shake your hand. F G Emi7 Make friends down in Alabama. F D I'm from a new land I come to you and E F G see all this ruin. What are you doin'? Ami7 R2: Alabama, you got the rest of the Union C D to help you along Ami7 F G Emi7 What's goin' wrong?