Through My Sails (Neil Young)

Akordáž: Gadd4(320013), Gadd2(320203), Emi6(022010), Asus4(x02230), Asus2(x02200) G Gadd4 G Gadd2 G Emi6 Emi Still glaring from the city lights C Cmaj7 D D D6(xx0432) D D4(xx0032) D Into paradise I soared G Gadd4 G Gadd2 Emi6 Emi Unable to come down C Cmaj7 D D D6 D D4 D For reasons I'd ignored G Gadd4 G Gadd2 G Total confusion, Cmaj7 Disillusion Ami Asus4 Ami Asus2 D4 D G C Ami Asus4 Ami Asus2 D4 D New things I'm knowing I'm standing on a shoreline It's so fine out there Leaving with the wind blowin But love takes care Know me, know me Show me, show me New things I'm knowing G C Ami Asus4 Ami Asus2 D4 D Wind blowing through my sails It feels like I'm gone Leaving with the wind blowing Through my sails