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Twist in my Sobriety (Tanita Tikaram)

Fmi Bbmi All God´s children need traveling shoes C Fmi Drive your problems from here Fmi Bbmi All good people read good books C Fmi Now your conscience is clear I hear you talk girl C Fmi Now your conscience is clear Fmi Bbmi In the morning when I wipe my brow C Fmi Wipe the miles away Fmi Bbmi I´d like to think I can be so willed C Fmi And never do what you say I´ll never hear you C Fmi And never do what you say Fmi C Fmi Look my eyes are just holograms C Fmi Look your love has drawn red from my hands Bbmi Fmi From my hands you know you´ll never be C Fmi More than twist in my sobriety 3x /Bbmi C Fmi/ Fmi Bbmi We just poked a little empty pie C Fmi For the fun the people had at night Fmi Bbmi Late at night don´t need hostility C Fmi Timid smile and pause to free Fmi Bbmi I don´t care about their different thoughts C Fmi Different thoughts are good for me Fmi Bbmi Up in arms and chaste the whole C Fmi All God´s children took their toll Chorus: Fmi Bbmi Cup of tea take time to think yeah Fmi Bbmi Time to risk a life for life for life Fmi Bbmi Sweet and handsome, soft and porky C Fmi You pig out till you´ve seen the light C Fmi Pig out till you´ve seen the light Fmi Bbmi Half the people read the papers C Fmi Read them good and well Fmi Bbmi Pretty people Nervous people Fmi Fmi People have got to sell C Fmi The news you have to sell