Let\'s Make a Deal (Bluegrass)

Let’s Make A Deal Hudba a text: Ralph Schut (OSA). Interpret: skupina G-runs 'n Roses hraje se bez kapodastru 1. Dm7 B6 Let's make a deal, would you take my offer Dm7 Gm7 A7+ even a man of steel has a side that looks softer Dm7 Gm7 The alcohol I drink, will never be enough Am7 B6 A7 Dm7 My blood will freeze, when exposed to her cold love Fis7 -> sólo: Hm7 G6 Hm7 Em7 Fis7+ Hm7 Em7 Fism7 G6 B6 A7+ 2. Won't you make a deal, you’ll be a winner There might just be love left somewhere in her What would your heart say if she told it to stop beatin'? She’s been deleting, all the love I’ve known 3. Now here’s your deal, you’re gonna love her You’ve got nothing to lose, she’ll make you tougher It took a year for me to see she’d put a dark spell over me And a lifetime of trying to make a deal