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Gravity (Bluegrass)

Gravity Hudba a text: Ralph Schut (OSA) kapodastr na 4. poli 1. G We’re like two bodies out in space F Travelling in our milky way C With no fear how close we get G Nor of the speed we’re traveling at Dm But there’s this vacuum between us C G . . . I’d love to hear you . . . 2. Although we’ll touch, we’ll never speak and when the force is at its peak with whatever crush we crash We might both end up as trash But there is sunlight now between us . . . and I can see you . . . 3. Wipe the dust out of your eyes Or it will take you by surprise That this might be the big bang A begin of new life once again There is gravity between us . . . and it draws you . . . 4. Just the thought of how it feels And to see if it will heal The memories flirting with my mind Before they get lost in time There might be nothing here between us . . . but confusion . . .