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Colleen Malone (Country)

It's been ten years and three since I first went to sea Since I sailed from old Ireland and home But those hills lush and green were a part of my dreams When I dreamed of my Colleen Malone On the day I returned to my sorrow I learned That the angels had called her away To a grave on a hill overlooking the mill That's the place where she's sleeping today As the soft breezes blow through the meadow I go Past the mill with the moss covered stone Up the pathway I climb through the woods and the vines To be with my Colleen Malone She was faith-ful͜͜ each day as I sailed far away There was no one but me that she loved I remember those eyes soft and blue as the skies And her heart was as pure as a dove All the years of my life I will not take a wife I will live in this valley aLone Planting flowers around in that soft gentle ground That is holding my Colleen Malone