House Of the Rising Sun (Ostatní)

Ami C D F 1. There is a house in New Orleans Ami C E they call the Risin' Sun Ami C D F and it's been a ruin of many poor girls Ami E Ami C D F Ami E Ami E and she's alone she's one. 2. My mother she was a tailor she sewed the new blue jeans her husband was a gamblin' man drift out in New Orleans. 3. Her husband was a gambler he coursed from town to town his only time beein' satisfied when he was drinkin' Black and White. 4. Oh tell you babysitter never do like she have done shone like house in New Orleans they call the Risin' Sun. 5. One feet on the platform and other on the train she's goin' down to New Orleans to wear that ball and chain. 6. Goin' back goin' back to New Orleans goin' back where she have done she goes to spend the rest of the love beneath the Risin' Sun. 7.=1.