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Voice of Harold (R.E.M.)

Reverend Bill Funderburk sings "He Cared That Much For Me". Charles Surratt introduces his own composition "On Calvary For Me". "The Joy of Knowing Jesus" is a song of pure delight featuring John Barbee. The pure tenor quality of the voice of Harold Montgomery gives a special interpretation to the grand old hymn "The Old Rugged Cross". Chill bumps appear and I am frozen in the web they weave as they reveal their innermost selves with the outpouring of their hearts... On and on the songs roll and soon you are caught up in the sermon in each rendition as you come to feel the devotion and dedication that is poured forth. Suddenly, you know they are real, they mean it! "Let your light so shine..." could not be more aptly applied as there shines a light from heaven on your heart through their singing. As an artist, Rhonda Montgomery exemplifies piano artistry. That's Rhonda! An artist! This album can be the instrument to mend a broken heart or to straighten out your life through the sincere testimony in the songs of THE REVELAIRES. A must! J. Elmo Fagg, founder and leader of the Blue Ridge Quartet for 23 Years. Temple Records, LST 390. Planning to make a record? We are associated with United Music World Recording Studios, Inc., West Columbia, S.C.. The Finest Sound Available Anywhere. "The Joy of Knowing Jesus", produced by Joel Gentry Cover/Backliner Design/REESOR The Revelaires, A must. The Revelaires. A must in their home.