How Do You? (Anglické písničky (směs))

Intro: Asus2 A A Asus2 A Asus2 Asus2/A E He's bitter and twisted, he knows what he wants F#m Etype2 E He wants to be loved and he wants to belong Asus2/A E He wants us to listen, he wants us to weep F#m Etype2 He was a stupid baby who turned into a powerful freak G R: But how do you? Dsus4 A5 How do you? Asus2/A How do you? Asus2/A E He lives with his mother, but we show him respect F#m Etype2 E He's a dangerous bigot, but we always forget Asus2/A And he's just like his daddy E Because he cheats on his friends F#m And he steals and he bullies Etype2 Anyway that he can R: