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Bells Of Freedom (Bon Jovi)

Gmi E I have walked all alone H Fmi On these streets I call home Gmi E Streets of hope, streets of fear H Fmi Through the sidewalk cracks time disappears Gmi E I was lost, on my knees H Fmi On the eve of defeat Gmi E As I choked back the tears H Fmi Gmi There’s a silent scream no one could hear H B E Fmi So far away from everything you know is true H B E Fmi Something inside that makes you do what you got to do H Cmi Ring them bells, ring them loud Fmi E Let them ring here and now H Fmi E Just reach out and ring the Bells of Freedom H Cmi When your world’s crashing down Fmi E Like you’re lost every round H Fmi Stand your ground E And ring the Bells of Freedom