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Joey (Bon Jovi)

F 1. Joey keys was from my neighbourhood C some would say he was bad Dm joe thought he was good F F B F they said he got the name keys from picking locks Gm Am B he never really robbed no one it sure amused the cops F 2. Joeys parents owned the restaurant C after closing time theyd give us Dm almost anything we would want B F B F i never cared that joey keys was slow Gm Am though he couldnt read or write well B weed talk all night long F X: Come on come on come on B what you gonna do with your life Gm oh come on come on come on B chasing sparks in the nights F his old man said tomorrow B is a ride that goes no where Gm Am but ill pull some strings get blackbird wings B and break us out of here C Dm R: Hey joey come on tell me about your dreams B tell me all the sights youre gonna see Gm tell me who youre gonna be C Dm hey joey gonna kiss the girls tonight Gm sometimes you got to stand and fight Am B F it will be alright gonna find a better life 3. See joe was 3 years younger to the day acting like a brother but became my ball and chain i met this girl named rhonda she fell for me she said i might learn to like him but love aint built for 3 R: Hey joey come... C Dm B Gm C Dm Gm Am B Eb B *: News gets around in this fading neighborhood F the old man lost the restaurant F he drinks more than he should Eb B its time for joey keys to do some good Gm pick the lock off our lives Am B lets get out of here like we always said we would R: Hey joey come... X: Come on... F Tell the old man its tomorrow B were off to find somewhere Gm i pulled some strings got blackbird wings C F and broke us out of here B Gm C F B Gm C (2x)