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Learn To Love (Bon Jovi)

C G Am Em (F G C G) C C/B I have run from the truth Am G Since the days of my misspend youth F C I was hungry for kindness G I was lost in life's blindness When you're born without wings All you dream of, all you want Is that feeling of flying Of rising and climbing Am F C G Halle, halle, we're one breath away Am F G halle, halle, from our judgement day Am F Leave it all on the table C G If you lose all you win G F C You've got to learn to love the world you're living in (woohoo) Always thought I'd die young In these hands I've held the gun But it's too late for dying Now there's nothing worth hiding I've lost love, lived with shame I was humbled by my fall from grace On the steps of decision It's revenge or forgiveness