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Superman Tonight (Bon Jovi)

G 1. There's something about you C9 I wanna rescue Emi7 Dsus4 I don't even know you C9 So what does that mean 2. Maybe I'm cynical Painfully logical You're tragic and beautiful And that's good enough for me D X: You're looking for a hero Ami But it's just my old tattoo D Tonight I swear I'd sell my soul C9 To be a hero for you G D C9 R1: Who's gonna save you when the stars fall from your sky? Emi7 D C9 Who's gonna pull you in when the tide gets too high? G Bmi C9 Who's gonna hold you when you turn out the lights? Ami Ami/G I won't lie C I wish that I could be your superman tonight 3. If somebody sent you An angel to save you What would you tell him To turn himaway 4. That your heart dont break? That your lips don't kiss? That life is just a lie? That heaven don't exist? Emi R2: Who's gonna fix you C9 The next time you break down Emi7 D9 Stranded alone by the side of the road C9 With your baggage that's dragging you down Ami Ami/G C Don't look back, let it go D Ooh-ooh