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Naturally (Katy Perry)

Did it seem To disappoint you Living alone? By the banks Of your dilemma Out of control No one seems To give the answers That you wanna hear What you'd give To find a welcome here Miles and miles of lies Behind you Those were the days So many lives You'd hope would guide you Help you find a way Now it seems to your surprise That they left you lying here What you'd give to dry These bitter tears R: Did it come naturally? You a million miles from home When you tried so carefully To live a life That's not your own Always remember That it wasn't that long ago I stilled the oceans I moved the mountains To say I love you Heaven waits The hours of silence Finds you on your knees Broken in a sweet surrender Of peace All the years of searching for a love you didn't know Now you've finally found A welcome home R: Did it come naturally?... mezihra I love you, I have And I always will. R: Did it come naturally?... (2x)