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The Girl Next Door (Katy Perry)

Got a call from my friend She saw my picture again In a magazine We laughed out loud 'Cause uz she said "remeber when" This was all a silly dream? Now I wake up every day In a different city A smile on my face Somebody pinch me She said "all the world's a stage" But girl you know Those cameras and lights Won't ever change me I don't need champagne When I'm back home with my friends We drink a beer on the porch 'Cause I'm still the girl next door No fancy things when I come off tour I slip back into blue jeans 'Cause I'm still the girl next door It's amazin' to hear people singin' along Hear the radio playin' my song I still get butterflies Still get nervous inside In the spotlight But every now and then I must friday night Cruisin' down to the dive bar We waste the night away Spend saturday sleepin' in late Those were the good days I don't need champagne... And even when I'm miles away I'll always have the roots from where I came Cuz when it all fades away My home will still be the same I don't need champagne... (2x)