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I Never Knew It (Abdul Paula)

Now you tell me since you've been away There was something you've been dying to say Yes, I thought you had eyes for me But I never was quite sure Mighty funny that you never called Ain't it funny now that you're gone That you say you're in love with me Now that's hard for me to believe Cause I never knew it baby, never knew it baby I never knew it baby, never knew it baby That you loved me so Now I think about you every night Said you wanted for us to have fun What's the matter, cat got your tongue It's not easy to read your mind So you bet not take too long Kind of silly just holding the phone Ain't it silly that I'm all alone When you should be here holding me Or making good love baby, oh so sweet I knew somebody would love me And satisfy this heart of mine You never should keep it from me You gotta realize a girl would cry and loose her mind...