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If I Were Your Girl (Abdul Paula)

Brokenhearted Unsatisfied I can't help it I can't get you off my mind She was so wrong To treat you bad She didn't know you were the best she'd ever had If I were yours And you were mine I'd make sure that I could please you all the time I'd be here waiting I'd treat you right If I were your girl I'd keep up all night Appreciate you There's so much more I would give you If I were your girl So frustrated What do I do I get excited when I'm standing next to you Does she love you Is she unkind I don't know why you're there cause something isn't right All the wonders of the world Are the things that I would give if I were her I never felt this way inside It's so hard, so very hard to hide Cause I can see That you don't receive The things you deserve I'd give you so much more If I were your girl