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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Prostitute (Arakain)

Girl, you're teaching me, I'm learning the first shame slowly starts to melt something inside me is burning soon I'll have to start crying for a help Hot smell of your sensual body your red lips and eyes of pulling cat destruct my feeling I'm a rowdie all my notions about my nature bed Round and round the world is turning tell me why, who can answer me my piece of mind is not returning stop the time, to make all dreams more real Prostitute, without emotions priestess of the caressing loving proslitute makes me crazy maybe emused by my off showing Traped my heart - prostitute Eager hands in nervous tremble tip of my tongue seeks to taste your dew total fall in mental jungle end of time and end of standart rules Devil in our wasted bodies into mind wants to penetrate gods of love are stending by me drops of the night count your business rate Round and round the world is turning ... Prostitute, without emotions ... Stop the time. I want more loving ...