Nine Pound Hammer (Anglické písničky (směs))

G C 1. This nine pound hammer is a little too heavy G D G for my size buddy for my size. G C R: Roll on buddy don't you roll so slow G D G how can I roll when the wheels won't go. 2. This nine pound hammer it killed John Henry but it can't kill me buddy no it can't kill me. R: 3. I'm going on the mountain just to see my baby and I ain't comin' back no I ain't comin' back. R: 4. It's a long way to Harlan it's a long way to Hazard just to get a little booze just to get a little booze. R: 5. There ain't one hammer down in this tunnel that can ring like mine that can ring like mine. R: 6. This nine pound hammer it rings like silver shines like gold buddy shines like gold. R: