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Computer God (Black Sabath)

Waiting for the revolution New clear vision - Genocide Computerize god - It's the new religion Program the brain - Not the heartbeat Onward all you crystal soldiers Touch tomorrow - Energize Digital dreams And you're the next correction Man's a mistake so we'll fix it Take a look at your own reflection Right before your eyes It turns to steel There's another side of Heaven This way - To technical paradise Find it on the other side When the walls fall down Love is automatic pleasure Virtual reality Terminal hate - It's a calculation Send in the child for connection Take a look at the toys around you Right before your eyes The toys are real Midnight confessions Never heal the soul What you believe is fantasy Your past is your future Left behind Lost in time Will you surrender? Waiting for the revolution Program the brain Not the heartbeat Deliver us to evil Deny us of our faith Robotic hearts bleed poison On the world we populate Virtual existence With a superhuman mind The ultimate creation Destroyer of mankind Termination of our youth For we do not compute