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Lost Forever (Black Sabath)

All your life you're bin slipping and sliding Trying to find a way Sun won't shine but now it's your time to pay There's no turning back as you look The hangman in the eye Now hell's just your death away It's too late to say you care When there's evil in your stare You say you're not to blame In your head voices mocking Every prayer Remember the face you saw That once was you Spirit high there's no way that You could lose Give him rope they said As you look the hangman in The eye Now around your neck you feel The noose In your head voices mocking Every prayer Now you're lost forever I'm burning with fire it's time to Leave or get out I'm burning in fire I can't take No more so get out I'm burning with fire the wheels of Steel will grind you Burning in fire this time You're lost forever Lost forever! There's an evil in your stare Lost forever! And hell's just a breath away You're lost forever And there's no way out you burn With fire it's time to get out Get out, get out And there's no way out Lost forever