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Slipping Away (Black Sabath)

Slipping away, just a heartbeat from disaster Nothin' to make me stay Close your eyes and I'll be gone Turn the page Got to start another story Slipping away, slipping away Time to move along, no reason to stay Not when I'm slipping away Said now look at yourself You've been runnin' me in circles 'Round and 'round you go You're a song without an end Can you alight, yeah From the city of the gypsies Runnin' away, slippin' away Right behind the plow Slippin' away, slippin' away Nobody to pay Look out, 'cause I'm slipping away Droppin' the glass I won't leave you my reflection I'll kiss you without a fact No more road to turn me bad Tell me you will Just don't question my direction Breakin' away, slippin' away Waiting to find yourself... Slippin' away, slippin' away Nobody to pay Look out 'cause I'm slippin' away No more running in a circle It's time to move along 'Round, 'round, 'round we go, Stuck without an inch, so I'm slippin' away Slipping away!