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Fallen Angel (Alphaville)

Emi G C I hear those voices on the radio, I switched it off because she H told me so Emi G C H She's an investigator, she's like an elevator Emi G C Nobody told me we'd be all alone, you know somewhere my friend he'd H left me in that red light zone you know Emi G She said: I've seen your deepest secrets, son they're just as C H lightning in the look of your eyes C D G R: I said: I want you, Baby, I said: I want some more, I said: I never F ever felt it like that moment before C D Emi C She's an assassin, she's melting steel in my heart, but I beg for more. C D A She said: I want your body, she said: I want your soul, she said: G F fallen angel takes it but she'll never let go C D Emi C She's an invader -- She's from another world, but I beg for more Gmi B Es and moooooore Emi G C She's raising feelings cutting like a knife, she's pouring fire into H my liquid life Emi G C There's no escaping from her mysteries, she gives me kisses of the H stangest kind Emi G She says: I know you'll like it, so come over here, she says: Just C H let that rhythm filter through your body, dear Emi G and then she... She always did it and she always will, she'll stay that C H hunter 'till the end of time R: I said: I want you...