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Lies (Alphaville)

G D Emi Baby Baby - what do I do? Playing my tune for you, playing my tune C for you, just to get you in the mood G D Everybody's going to Hollywood, you're driving me mad, but I'm smiling Emi to the crowd instead C G A lot of money is at stake, this is hit and that's a fake D Emi This is what you mean to me, this is what they all should see, make a make-up in a foolish style C7 G Telling the truth by making a big? Lie when I come, I come but nothing's at ease D Emi Breaking up the whole is a modern disease, maybe you think tomorrow's just a joke C7 It's a joke after joke after joke after joke G D Emi R: My love, everything's an interview and nothing's really new and C7 everybody's looking for clues G And you know what to do with a clue my love D Emi I get ready for the show, they're waiting and they will never go C G D Emi C This night is just to go-o-o-o, and it's only for show G D Dig that deal and be a millionaire, drinking cocktails in the Emi stratosphere C7 Getting jetlagged with my business-friends in these supersonic wonderlands G D There's a shadow on the graphic display, first he's smiling then he's Emi fading away C7 Maybe he thinks tomorrow's just a joke, it's a joke after joke after joke after joke R: My love, everything's...