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The Mysteries of Love (Alphaville)

All I want is you, don't you know that Forever loving you, don't you know that it's true I'm leaving you tonight but don't listen if they say That we'll never meet again in the land of make believe We cannot lose the race, breaking the secret spells They put on us, my love We're far out of their reach, a million years ahead They never understand the mysteries of love Here's the mysteries of love Give your body to the mysteries Tear down your uniforms Here's the mysteries of love All I want to be, don't you know it All we wanna be is free like the birds of the sea We kiss the last good byes and are sailing with a smile 'cross the iron borderline that butterflies despise We cannot lose at all Breaking the secret spells they put on us, my love Forever out of reach, a million dreams ahead They'll never understand The mysteries of love