Backwater (Status Quo)

Down at Backwater junction Rolling down the line In the dark early morning I heard the one-forty-nine I was walking down the highway Needed somewhere to go A lady laid beside me And she invited me home She led me cold, tired and hungry Down the backwater road In a house on the corner Looking over the track I woke up with a fever And a pain in my back She was lying there beside me My fever started to grow Had a funny feeling But the lady said no The lover needs a doctor Down the Backwater Road Whatcha' lookin' for Whatcha' lookin' for Lady do you know whatcha' lookin' for Was I wrong to play along Lady was I right or lady was I wrong Backwater doctor You've got me breathing in time It's ten-thirty in the morning And I'm feeling alright I went back to my lady But I wasn't to know Lady left this morning And she's not coming home I was cold when she left me Down the Backwater Road