The Camptown Races (Anglické písničky (směs))

D A7 1. The Camptown ladies sing this song doodah-doodah D A7 D the Camptown race-track's five miles long oh doodah-day A7 I came down there with my hat caved in doodah-doodah D A7 D I'll go back home with my pocket full of tin oh doodah-day. D G D R: Going to run all night going to run all day Hmi Emi A D I'll bet my money on the bobtail nag somebody bet on the bay. 2. The long-tail filly and the big black horse doodah-doodah they fly the track and they both cut across oh doodah-day the blind horse sticking a big mud hole doodah-doodah can't touch bottom with a ten-foot pole oh doodah-day. R: 3. Old muley cow comes onto track doodah-doodah the bobtail flung her over her back oh doodah-day then flew along like a railroad car doodah-doodah running a race with a shooting star oh doodah-day. R: 4. See them flying on a ten mile heat doodah-doodah round the race-track then repeat oh doodah-day I win my money on the bobtail nag doodah-doodah I keep my money in an old tow bag oh doodah-day. R: