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When I look into your eyes (Peter Cmorik)

G I tried to say I'm sorry F But you don't have to worry C G This is not another game Girl you know my situation No money and no reputation But please don't turn and walk away G R. When i look into your eyes F I don't need no allibies C I'm in love with you G And baby that's the point When I look into your eyes I don't need to compromise I'm in love with you 'till the end of the world People say I'm crazy But I'm strong and that's amazing And I hope it's gonna be alright Baby please you'd better call me 'cause I've been tired, sad and lonely And I can't stand this stupid fight G Just make life better F We gotta stay together C Love is on the way G It's gonna be o.k with you my life is better we gotta stick together and it's not too late love is on the way...