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Cuban Pete (Jim Carrey)

Hit it! They call me Cuban Pete I'm the king of the Rumba beat When I play the maracas I go Chic-chic-ky-boom Chic-chic-ky-boom Yes sir, I'm Cuban Pete I'm the craze of my native street When I start to dance everything goes Chic-chic-ky-boom Chic-chic-ky-boom The senioritas they sing And they swing with "terampero" It's very nice! So full of spice! And when they dance in they bring A happy ring that "era keros" Are singing a song All the day long So if you like the beat Take a lesson from Cuban Pete And I'll teach you to Chic-chic-ky-boom Chic-chic-ky-boom Chic-chic-ky-boom He's a really modest guy Although he's the hottest guy In Havana, in Havana Si, senorita I know That you would like a Chic-ky-boom-chick It's very nice - so full of spice I'll place my hand on your hip And if you will just give me your hand Then we shall try Just you and I "Iy-yi-yi!" "Shake your booty, daddy, wow! See ya'!"