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Big Sky (Lennox Annie)

Big sky I'm gonna hurt you Big sky You'll remember this Big sky Up above the rain How can I ever put a stop to it? Look you in the face again Big sky I'll never let you go Big sky Baby I told you so Big sky Look at this swollen pride I got so busy lookin' out for you When were you by my side? When I'm breathin' When I'm sleepin' I can't think of nothing else All my longing' All my waiting' All my wailin' All my standin' on the shelf How am I ever gonna get through this Back to myself again? Big sky I never knew you Big sky Let me down again Big sky I'm givin' you the blame How did I ever get stuck in this? Give me some grace again Won't you say it isn't so? Watch me fallin' See me fallin' I slipped through The vortex of the sky Darkness and light Is what's inside Darkness and light Is what's inside