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Facing Up (Voegele Kate)

I use no exaggeration I'm plainly hanging by a thread And I'm running low on patience But don't go blame it on yourself I wish I was in my right mind But I've left myself unnecessary chores I make it bad when it's just fine I was whole and sure, but now I'm clearly torn and there's Nothing left for me to do Right and left both bring me to The center of my deepest fears, where the truth is oh so clear Embracing inescapable truth And that's facing up to you Continual irresolution Keeps me shackled to the ground I've been in dire need of revolution For far too many days to count I thought I was safe in my hiding place But it sure is exhausting living in chains It's paradoxical in every way Nothing makes sense, I can't tell love from hate I'm begging myself to make something out of it I give up, still unable to comprehend My own true will, oh but still