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Chicago (Voegele Kate)

I've never known you But I'm no stranger to this feeling I know it's over But the hurt's not What do you call it When broken hearts are not done healing You threw down your cigarette But it's still hot Well I've learned a lot And here's what I've got Well didn't I think you would always love me? And didn't I want you to take care of me, baby? Well that ain't happening, no And wouldn't I love just to rise above this? You've gotta believe I've suffered enough to be free So I'm officially leaving A kiss on the cheek and I'm gone- I'll be on the seven o'clock Oh, oh, the seven o'clock to Chicago It's never easy Breaking this old addiction I've got the reason But no rationale I wanna hate you Cause you don't give me no conviction Your betrayal oughta make this breakdown No trouble at all So let the rubble fall Cause I'm running off [Chorus] I'll be on the seven o'clock to Chicago I ain't got no second thoughts because I know I'm On my way to the top I'm on my way, yeah [Chorus]